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Nike Internationalist 2015 - She was 21 when he was born and their romance survived her 7 1/2-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting him, his puberty, the birth of their two kids, her divorce and years and years of racy tabloid headlines ripping their relationship to shreds. Now Mary Kay Letourneau, 43, and Vili Fualaau, 21, are husband and wife. And after nearly a decade of Nike Internationalist 2015 turmoil, Mary Kay caused a little more by showing up almost two hours late to her own wedding, held Friday night at the Columbia Winery in Woodinville, a Seattle suburb, according to the TV shows ET and The Insider, which will air exclusive details and video footage from the wedding starting Monday. One guest said the ceremony, scheduled to start promptly at Nike Internationalist 2015 8:30 p.m., didnt get under way until after 10 p.m., when Mary Kay finally appeared under the glowing white tent outside the reception hall. Before her appearance, guests buzzed about whether Mary Kay would show. People were wondering what was going on, said the guest. But we figured she was hiding, just trying to get there. They couldnt wait for it to Nike Internationalist 2015 start. No one could believe they lasted this long. The nuptials were supposed to be top secret. Guests received invitations with a number to call and leave a message. Someone then called them back and told them where to go to meet buses that would shuttle them to the hidden location for the ceremony. The guests arrived in four luxury buses that Nike Internationalist 2015 were waiting in the parking lot of a racetrack about a half-hour away from the winery. They were let in after being searched and passed through a metal detector. Cellphones and cameras were confiscated and guests hands were stamped with a flower for entry. Mary Kay had an even tougher time arriving she and a bridesmaid named Kathleen, a prison pal, exited Nike Internationalist 2015 the hotel under a sheet and sneaked into a waiting car. Mary Kay, the woman who gave new meaning to the phrase boy toy, wore a long, fitted, white, scoop-neck wedding gown, and carried a bouquet of white and cream roses. She looked gorgeous, said the guest, a close relative of Vilis. She looked fit, skinny, real pretty. As she walked to Nike Internationalist 2015 meet Vili, the 300 guests stood to cheer and applaud, moving Mary Kay to tears. But not everyone was happy for the twisted twosome. A crowd outside the winery gates included some people who honked their horns and yelled Baby raper! Several family members also shunned the affair. But no one could stop the show. Mary Kays blond locks, which were worn Nike Internationalist 2015 up in an elaborate bun, werent frizzed by the drizzle outside. Her veil was tucked into the bun. Vilis family stringed white dendrobium orchids throughout the tent where Vili, in a sharp black tux and white vest, waited for his old teacher. He had arrived on time and walked with his mom, Soona, down the aisle. Right before the ceremony got under Nike Internationalist 2015 way, the six groomsmen including two of Vilis brothers held up silver flasks and toasted the couple. Mary Kays bridesmaids, dressed in different cream and light-green dresses, included Vilis sister, Lenny, and Mary Kays oldest daughter, Mary Claire, 17, from Steve Letourneau, her ex-husband who discovered the affair and quickly moved himself and their four kids to Alaska in 1997. Only one Nike Internationalist 2015 other child from her former marriage, Steve Jr., 19, was at the wedding. Mary Kays two daughters with Vili, Audrey, 8, and Georgia Alexis, 7, were flower girls. Vilis mother has had custody of the two girls since they were born. Mary Kay was supposed to walk down the aisle to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but the CD was missing, so at Nike Internationalist 2015 the last minute, Vilis 16-year-old cousin, Charity Fualaau, sang His Eye is on the Sparrow along with a piano player. The ceremony lasted all of 12 minutes, according to the guest. When Mary Kay reached Vili at the end of the aisle, they held hands and didnt let go. She read her vows first, from a piece of paper she held in Nike Internationalist 2015 one shaking hand. You are my best friend, the father of my children. I will go where you go, I will stay where you stay, I will die where you die, she said, weeping. Vili had memorized his vows, gazing at Mary Kay and telling her, You are the mother of my children, I love you. And then he told her he Nike Internationalist 2015 would be there forever. After they kissed, guests headed into the reception hall directly next to the tent, where at 11 p.m., they saw the couple officially introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Fualaau. Guests sat at tables with champagne-goblet centerpieces filled with roses and floating candles and munched on a buffet of spinach and pasta salads, rice, potatoes, prime rib, ham, and Nike Internationalist 2015 dessert, including chocolate mousse cake and a slice of the chocolate wedding cake with white frosting. They were smiling, holding hands, greeting everyone, said the guest. Mary Kay was hanging out and laughing with her kids the entire time. Asked by ET and The Insider how they felt about the wedding, Mary Kay replied, Its about time. Vili said he was speechless. Nike Internationalist 2015 They danced their first dance as a couple to Mariah Careys Melt Away. When the dance ended, Vilis best man gave a toast, gushing, Ive learned a lot about romance from Vili. He also revealed to guests that last August, when Mary Kay was released from prison, Vili did not wait to get an order banning the two from seeing each other Nike Internationalist 2015 lifted. Instead, he went to the house where she was staying still wearing his pajamas and slippers to knock on the window. Then he sang her a Hawaiian love song. The previous night, at the rehearsal dinner at the Ibiza Dining Club in downtown Seattle, Mary Kay was also late. Not because she was ducking paparazzi, but because she wanted to wear Nike Internationalist 2015 the right outfit. She ended up picking a sleeveless black dress with black flat sandals. While ET and The Insider filmed, daughters Audrey and Georgia hugged and kissed their mom, a woman theyve missed for much of their lives. Mary Kay first set eyes on the love of her life when he was an 8-year-old second-grader in her class. By the summer Nike Internationalist 2015 of 1996, when Vili was 12 and in Mary Kays sixth-grade class, the two had begun a secret affair with bowling trips and movie dates. Mary Kay and Vili soon began having sex under the Letourneaus roof. They carried on their scandalous love affair until early 1997, when Steve discovered love letters Mary Kay had written to her student, professing her love Nike Internationalist 2015 for him. But even prison bars did not stop her. She attempted to contact Vili by sneaking love letters to him in bottles of breast milk she pumped for newborn Georgia. The two are both unemployed now, although a judge ruled Mary Kay could profit off her story. The former teacher and Vili have penned a book together, which was sold in Nike Internationalist 2015 France under the title, Un seul crime, lamour which translates to, Just One Crime Love. Tale of the tape Vili Mary Kay When they met As an 8-year-old student As a 34-year-old mother of four Wooing ways Spying on her during sleepovers Stripping while tutoring him Most treasured moment First kiss in her van at age 12 Stealing his virginity while her Nike Internationalist 2015 husband and kids were asleep in the next room On their sex life We had a hugging, kissing relationship going on. I knew I wouldnt be teaching for much longer. On the proposal He popped the question at age 13 She held on to the simple sterling-silver ring even in jail On each other I would describe her as my soul mate. Nike Internationalist 2015 We had a really compatible sense of humor. Times of their lives Timeline/chronology 1989 Mary Kay LeTourneau begins teaching second grade in Burien, a section of Seattle, Wash. 1991 Mary Kay meets student Vili Fualaau, age 8, in her class. 1995 Mary Kay switches to teaching sixth grade and has now 12-year-old Vili in her class again. 1996 Mary Kay begins privately Nike Internationalist 2015 tutoring Vili in history. They spend a lot of time together bowling and having sex in the house she shares with her husband Steve and their four kids. Feb. 25, 1997 Steve LeTourneau learns of the affair, which is reported to an administrator at the school. The next day, Mary Kay, six months pregnant, is arrested for statutory rape by the King Nike Internationalist 2015 County Police. May 29, 1997 Mary Kay gives birth to 13-year-old Vilis child, Audrey. Aug. 7, 1997 Mary Kay pleads guilty to two counts of second-degree child rape. She spends 100 days in jail. Nov. 14, 1997 Mary Kay receives a suspended sentence of six months. It is conditional on her having no contact with Vili, registering as a sex offender, taking Nike Internationalist 2015 bipolar medication and receiving treatment. Jan. 6, 1998 Mary Kay is released early because of good behavior. Feb. 3, 1998 She is found in her car with Vili, arrested and ordered to serve 7½ years in prison. Oct. 16, 1998 She gives birth to a second child, Georgia Alexis, by Vili, now 15. His mother takes custody. Aug. 4, 2004 Mary Kay Nike Internationalist 2015 is released from prison. Aug. 6, 2004 At the request of Vili, now 21, a judge lifts an order banning contact between he and Mary Kay. May 20, 2005 Mary Kay and Vili finally marry in a Seattle-area ceremony. Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogleWhatsappEmail .